Professor James Cahill has listed various lectures about antique Chinese paintings on the internet, in association with the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

These are great and ingenious teachings about Chinese paintings. The lecture-series starts with a discussion of early pictorial art from the pre-Han period in China: Neolithic painted pots, hunting-style bronzes, the earliest paintings on silk from Changsha. He continues with Han and Six Dynasties period pictorial art and discusses then Tang Dynasty figural painting and landscape painting in seperate lectures. A big emphasis is put on Song Dynasty paintings including literati paintings of that time. Each lesson features a video showing relevant illustrations and background information on the subject, making this website really worth a closer look.

Visit Prof. James Cahill’s webstie to view the lecture series: A Pure and Remote View –
Lectures are also available on the website of the Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS) at University of California, Berkeley: publications –

A small selection of those recommended lectures:
Han Painting and Pictorial Designs
Five Dynasties Painting: The Great Landscape Masters
Literati Painters of Late Northern Song
Masters of Representation: The Southern Song Academy


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